Club Marine 2018

So you want to build a boat race?

Who would have thought such a simple sentence could be so loaded with unseen pitfalls, problems, surprises and in the end FUN.

At the end of 2017 when we discussed the next years activations Club Marine asked for a way to involve people more in the stand, more registrations, more interaction. Really just a way to open up communication with the public at the show.


Boat shows 2018 - Airclad XPO 10

Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide.


Part of the brief being the continued use of the Airclad XPO 10 which we had used for the last 2 years we decided to incorporate a LED screen at the back of the stand to provide bright and changing visuals to the previously static visuals on the stand.


For the interactive element we created a scale model diorama featuring a marina (built to match the boat scale) and a ‘coastline for the race to take place in.