Grand prix 2018. Originally we were brought on board to production manage the construction and installation of an activation for the launch of Petronas motor oil in Australia. This would coincide with the Grand Prix race in Melbourne 2018.

As the project progressed we then took on the design & construction of the racetrack itself, this would end up being 8m wide x 6m across. We adjusted the design from an generic cityscape to a rental island with iconic elements from the Melbourne skyline to accentuate the location and the Grand Prix with Albert Park lake (where the Grand Prix is held each year) as a central feature.


Production challenges included a very short design and build window of two weeks from start to install and integration of timer technology for the track. Oh and of course at the last minute we needed to include an Augmented reality game space larger than the allowed footprint for the event !


The Design and build of all production and branding aspects of the event were carried out by bdesign for A-Live events who were producing the event for Petronas in Austalia.

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