Handover checklist

All the installation work is complete, We have taken care to meet all your requests and complete all aspects of your job to our high standard.

To ensure that everything is satisfactory, lets take a moment to check over the following points for a final sign off.

Name *
Person authorised to Sign off.
Is the site and stand clean ?
Are all brochure holders in place ?
Is artwork correct and is it in the right position ?
Have cupboard keys been received ?
Is all power working ?
Is all AV content working correctly ?
Do you have contact details for support people ?
Have you been advised of time bump out crew will arrive onsite ?
Are all external stand services in place ?
Is the furniture to your standard ?
Have all keys been provided ?
Post show checklist
Please tick what you would like to do with your stand elements post show by checking one of the boxes below.
Sign off
Let us know if you have any feedback or comments to help us improve our service.