Designed in London, Made for the future 

Inflate is a progressive brand, dedicated to creating strikingly bold and contemporary structures. Our designs are in every respect the New Generation of event and brand experience spaces. They offer a fabulous canvas for the creation of stunning lighting, projection and interior design.


The opportunities are endless. They also have the flexibility to be easily erected and packed down to a fraction of their inflated size for easy and economical transport. All Inflate structures are designed and engineered to meet Australian Standards and carry all the necessary certifications.

Our design team in London, headed up by Inflate creator Nick Crosbie, has created some of the world’s most breathtaking structures. They are able to offer a comprehensive bespoke design service for the development of creative and unique structures, to meet the ever-changing demands of today’s clients.

We also offer a highly sophisticated range of structures for sale and hire to meet the requirements of the following industries:


Brand experience
Marketing and Advertising
Interior Design
Venue Hire