The all new shell scheme, scheme!

The new Xdeck at Heavent in Paris 2015.

The new Xdeck at Heavent in Paris 2015.

How many times have we heard that promise, we all know everyone is looking for a way to stand out in the exhibition space. Everyone wants their stand to be special. Airclad is a new fast and flexible solution to creating exciting display spaces.

Modular in format Airclad can be utilised in most exhibition spaces, with it's 3m, 6m and 10m wide bays the structure extends as far back as you require in 2.5m sections.

Airclad is Practical, once unloaded at the site the crew can easily assemble the structure with minimal tools and no heavy machinery.

A truly versatile structure solution airclad is at home indoors or outdoors.

Airclad structures pack down to just the width of the structure, this allows for fast assembly and easy transit anywhere you need to go.

All Airclad structures feature a raised floor, This allows for easy running of power and other cables.

Inside the Airclad is a clean and modern space.

Inside the Airclad is a clean and modern space.

Airclad also features the brand new XDEK roof terrace concept, launched at Heavent in Paris 2015, it is a roof terrace attachment that sits above the AirClad as an extra elevated level to the AirClad. It is available in this style and also as a wider standalone terrace section.


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