Do you need a stylist ?

We all have an idea about what a stylist is, what a stylist does.

The truth is that while we all have our own sense of style, and certainly have some idea about the style of our own event, our stylists can be the one to help you bring that vision to life.

So what does that mean ?

The styling of any event is a collaborative process, with a very clear process of briefing, response, approval and final delivery. We believe you should always feel involved in deciding what your event will look like but allow us to source elements and select ideas from various suppliers and resources, present them to you and together we can make the right choices to fit your event, your budget and deliver theme for you.

How does it work ?

With a clear process of briefing, proposals, refinement and delivery bdesign provides a framework with key milestones, scheduling and management of the the project where you are in communication with the team and understand what is being delivered every step of the way.